“Imagination creates reality.”

 – Richard Wagner –

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Ilmi-Åse Mathiesen studied in Stockholm with professor Staffan Scheja and later in Oslo with professor Jiri Hlinka at Barratt-Due Musikkinstitutt. She also had lessons with Anders Kilström and Bengt-Åke Lundin.

While studying at Barratt-Due Musikkinstitutt, Ilmi-Åse Mathiesen played her first concert in Oslo Concert Hall. Since then Ilmi-Åse appears extensively in concerts and has played in all the Nordic countries, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland. In Scandinavia she has performed both as a soloist and chamber musician for exampel at The Norwegian Opera, Waldemarsudde, Oslo Concert Hall and several other concert venues. She has a wide repertoar and shows a big interest in the classic and romantic composers, as well as in the less known music which is at risk of being forgotten.

Ilmi-Åse Mathiesen is also an active chamber musician.

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